Ethiopia Preparing to Submit its Offer on Services to WTO

Ethiopia is planning to submit its offer on services to the World Trade Organization in September 2013 as part of its accession bid. Ethiopia is currently working on offers for 160 service industries, some of which are controlled by the state.

Last year, Ethiopia has submitted suggested tariffs on goods to member countries for negotiation, Geremew Ayalew, head of the trade relation and negotiation directorate at the Trade Ministry, said in an interview with Bloomberg in Addis Ababa.

State-owned enterprises monopolize telecommunications, power distribution and commercial aviation, while state banks dominate the financial industry. However, foreign and domestic private investment in manufacturing and agriculture is highly encouraged.

Ethiopia's offer on services will be based on government policy and through negotiations with WTO member nations, Geremew said. The Ethiopian government has previously said that the country won't liberalize vital industries until the government is effectively able to regulate them and domestic businesses become strong enough to compete with foreign companies.

Source: Bloomberg


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