Swedish Textile and Leather Industry Delegation Visited Ethiopia

A Swedish business delegation led by Gunnar Oom, Swedish Secretary of Trade expressed its keen interest to promote trade relations between Ethiopia and Sweden.

The trade promotion  event took place between 15 and 17 May 2013 was organized by the Embassy of Sweden Addis Ababa, Business Sweden - The Swedish Trade & Invest Council and Responsify, a textile and leather manufacturer.

The aim of the business delegation was to present business opportunities for Swedish companies interested in investing in Ethiopia.

"as a renowned nation for electricity and hydro-power, we would like to engage in Ethiopia to promote the country's ambition of becoming powerhouse of the region", Oom said at a press briefing at the Sheraton Addis.

Sweden, as one of the leading exporter in Europe has engaged other African nations, such as Nigeria and South Afric much better than Ethiopia. In 2010, Swedish export to Ethiopia was only 0.03 percent of its total export.

Source: The Reporter + Responsify


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CHF 32.0646  31.4359 
CAD 22.5970  22.1539 
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