Ethiopia Earned over USD 2.2 Bln from Export Trade

Ethiopia earned over 2.2 billion USD from export of different products during the last nine months, the Ministry of Trade said. Public relation and communication affairs office head with the Ministry, Amakele Yimam told Ethiopian News Agency that the amount was secured from export of 9.63 million tons of different products to 126 countries. Amakele said the amount exceeded by 59.83 million USD that of same period last year.

Major export products include, among others, cereals, gold, khat, textile and garment, coffee, cotton, leather and leather products, oil seeds and legumes. Somalia, China, Germany, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Sudan, USA, Israel, Japan, Djibouti, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Belgium and Italy are among the major export destinations.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency


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