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Ethiopia Secured USD 17.7 Million from Valentine’s Day Flower Export


Ethiopia has secured more than USD 17.7 million from Valentine’s Day celebration flower export.The country earned the revenue from the export of 210.8 million stems flower to the international market in this Valentine’s Day celebration.

The flower export during this year’s Valentine’s Day exceeded in quantity as well as in terms of revenue as of the same period last year.

Last year’s Valentine’s Day celebration, the country earned 17.4 million USD from the sale of 195.6 million flower stems. The amount secured has been increased by 300,000 USD this year.


The export of Ethiopian flowers has been constantly increasing due to the high demand for the product in different parts of the world.

The country is exporting its high quality and environmentally friendly produced flowers mainly to the Netherlands. Besides Germany, Norway, Italy, UAE, Saudi Arabia, UK, Japan, Italy, France, Lebanon and USA are among the major recipients of Ethiopian flowers.

Regarding to private investment in the sector, over 120 local and foreign companies have been engaged in the horticulture export industry, of which 85 companies are operating in the cultivation of different varieties of flowers.

The flower export companies of Ethiopia have created job opportunities to more than 50,000 citizens, of whom the 70 % are women.

Source: This news article was prepared and sent to by Mekonnen Hailu, Ethiopian Horticulture Development Agency (EHDA)'s senior communication expert.


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