Ethiopian Coffee Export and Supply Improved

Ethiopia’s earnings from coffee export registered a 13.1 per cent growth in the past seven months owing to increase in the supply of the country's major export commodity to the international market.

Ethiopia has exported more than 100 thousand tons of coffee over the past seven month, showing a 59 per cent increase in supply compared to the previous budget year, a Ministry of Trade report indicated.

The increase in the supply assisted Ethiopia in cancelling out the effect of continual decline in the price of coffee in the international market. Price of coffee plummeted in the international market due to fall in demand and the increase in supply, which has shown a 7.3 per cent increase from the past year, according to data obtained from the Ethiopian Ministry of Trade.

Ethiopia’s earning from coffee export in the past seven months totaled USD 398 thousand, over USD 46 thousand more than the previous year export earnings. Coffee is Ethiopia’s primary export commodity followed by gold. The country overall export earning over the past month is USD 1.7 billion, according to the Ministry of Trade.

Source: Walta

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