Ethiopia Earns $255 Million from Manufactured Exports

Ethiopia earned more than 255 million US dollars from the export of manufactured goods in the just ended budget announced the Ministry of Industry.

The revenue was earned from the export of manufactured products including, leather and leather products, textile and clothing, chemical and pharmaceutical products and agro processed products according to Melaku Taye Director of the Public Relations Directorate of the ministry.

A notable portion of the revenue earned from manufactured goods was raised by Ayka Addis Textile and Investment group said Melaku.

Major export destinations for the products have been the countries like Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Sudan, Turkey, China, Djibouti, Belgium the UK and the United States he said.

The income earned from the sector was 22.8% more than what was earned in the previous financial year added Melaku.

The MoI plans to increase income raised from this sector in the new financial year by paying attention to other potential export products.

Source: Walta

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