Ethiopian Flower Exporters Considering Russian Market

Ethiopian flower exporters are considering entering the Russian flower market directly. Exporters were not able to access the large Russian market because Ethiopian Airlines does not offer flights to Moscow according to sources.

Currently Ethiopian flowers are exported to the Netherlands with the Netherlanders exporting to Russia under their own tag.

Ethiopian Airlines, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Ethiopian Airlines are working to facilitate the processes to launch cargo flights to Moscow said Endashaw Yigezu, Head of Air Transport and Planning at a consultative meeting held by the Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority.

A challenge encountered has been that airports in Russia are owned by private investors and charge high landing fees explained Endeshaw. The airport fees are 30% higher than other European airports demand and which is more than the price of the flowers he added.

Ethiopian, however expects to finalize processes to commence flights in view of the market potential of the Russian flower market explained a source.

Ethiopian Airlines plans to commence passenger flights to all BRICS countries by 2025 including to Moscow.
It is to be remembered that Ethiopian government and the former USSR had signed Bilateral Air Services in 1977 and will hence require further agreement with Russia.

Source: The Reporter

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