Ethiopia Earned $213 Million From Meat & Livestock Exports

Ethiopia earned 213 million US dollars from the export of meat and livestock in the last 10 months announced the Ministry of Agriculture.

The export of livestock represents 71% of the revenue earned from exports while meat exports made up the difference. The revenue earned is just 62.5% of the targeted 340.4 million US dollars for the period.

Export earnings from meat and livestock is lower than expected because of the poor market ties the country has with the international livestock market said Tefera Deribew, Minister of Agriculture.

For example Ethiopia had aimed to export more than 27 thousand tons of meat in Ethiopia this budget year but has only managed to export 14 thousand tons in the last ten months earning 62 million US dollars he said.

Ethiopia has concentrated on traditional mechanisms in the past but hopes to employ new slaughterhouses to increase national capacity in the coming financial year said Tefera in a report presented to the House of Peoples Representatives.

Towards this end the country is in the process of constructing four modern animal quarantines in four different areas of the country to enhance the benefits earned from the significant livestock resources he noted.

Source: Capital

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