Ethiopia Saves $20 Million on Oil Imports

Ethiopia save an estimated 20 million US dollars on oil imports by blending more than 32.8 million liters of ethanol with benzene said the Ministry of Water and Energy.

A major percentage of the ethanol produced within the country in this financial year was used for blending with Benzene according to Bizuneh Tolcha, Director of the Public Relations and Communications Directorate of the ministry.

The percentage of ethanol to benzene in the blending process has been increased from just 5% three years ago to 10% in the last year allowing Ethiopia to save more than 20 million IS dollars on oil imports said Bizuneh.

A range of efforts intended to substitute oil imports will locally produced energy and strategies to implement energy efficiency are also underway he explained.

The country aims to produce 100 million liters of ethanol from sugar by products as part of its developmental goals and is constructing ethanol plans in conjunction to various sugar factories including, Metehara, Wonji-Shoa, Tendaho and Fincha added Bizuneh.

Source: Walta Info

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