Ethiopia to Export Electricity to South Sudan

Ethiopia has brokered an agreement to export electricity to South Sudan according to the Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation.

The agreement was signed between EEPCo and the South Sudan Electric Utility Corporation represented by Mekuria Lemma, Corporate Planning Head and Ajuoi Chol, General Manager respectively. The signing ceremony was held last week at the Radisson Blu Hotel.  

The corporations agreed on interconnection project studies and installation of a transmission line to connect to the Ethiopian grid. The agreement states that the interconnection project will be carried out in two phases.

The first phase will be the installation of a 230 KV transmission line from Gambela on the Ethiopian border said Mekuria.

The second phase will involve the installation of another line from the Grand Renaissance Dam, under construction, which is only a short distance away from the Ethio-Sudanese border he explained.

The second phase will have the 500 KV transmission line installed from the Dam to South Sudan according to Mekuria.

The Southern Sudanese Electric Corporation is in the process of studying the installation of the transmission lines to the Ethiopian border although both parties will revise the study as per the agreement.

The agreement stipulates that the electric corporations of both countries will engage in assessing sources of external finance for the study and the implementation of the project.

It is to be remembered that Ethiopia already has agreements to export electricity to Djibotui, Kenya, and Northern Sudan.

Source: Capital  

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