Ethiopia Earns $2.4 Billion from Exports

Ethiopia earned above 2.4 billion US dollars from export in the last ten months announced the Ministry of Trade.

The revenue was raised through the export of agricultural and manufactured products exported to 127 countries according to Amakele Yimam, Director of the Corporate Communication Directorate of the MoT.

The export products from Ethiopia include, coffee, oilseeds, pulses, spices, Khat, gold, flowers, live animals, natural gum, wax, incense, textiles, garments, leather and leather products said Amakele.

The revenue from export has shown an increase of 352 million US dollars from the income earned in the same period last financial year he noted.

The number one national export coffee generated 598 million US dollars, while gold earned 471.8 million US dollars, oilseeds earned 380 million US dollars, khat earned 201.7 million US dollars and the export of live animals raised revenue of 178 million US dollars said Amakele.

The products were exported to countries including, China, Germany, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates and the United States.

Source: Walta Info

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