Ethiopia Earns $71.1 Million From Leather Exports

Ethiopia earned 71.1 million US dollars from the export of leather and leather products in the past seven months of the Ethiopian budget year according to the Ethiopian Leather Industries Association.

The revenue was earned from the export of finished and semi-processed leather products noted Abdisa Adugna, Secretary General of the ELIA.

The money earned from the export of leather is 25 million US dollars more than the 46 million US dollars in revenue earned in the same period last year said Abdisa.

The increase in revenue is primarily due to an increased demand on the global market and the development from low to higher value export products by the sector claimed Abdisa.

Most of the revenue earned in the reporting period came from the export of semi-processed leather product which accounted for 47.6 million US dollar he said.

Finished leather products earned 18 million US dollars with the export of shoes accounting for 4.8 million US dollars and the balance from the export of gloves and other leather products noted Abdisa.

Gloves made in Ethiopia are in particular demand on the international market because of the quality of the product according to Abdisa.

Ethiopian leather is primarily exported to Asia, Europe and the United States he said.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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