Kaliti Metal Factory, Ethiopia Set on Expansion

Kaliti Metal Products Factory, Ethiopia is set on an expansion project estimated to cost 60 million birr. The factory has been challenged to meet demand because of outdated machinery according to Kassa Assefa, Market Research and Advertising Senior Expert with Kaliti. 

The expansion project was originally designed to be a two phase project costing 138 million birr and encompassing pipeline supplies but was scaled down to only make a smaller pipeline and the manufacture of EGA sheets for roofs and the purchase of one roofing crane.

Kaliti is expected to fund 30% of the costs associated with the expansion project and will solicit a loan from the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia to make up the difference he noted.

The metal factory is one of eight public enterprises to be transferred to private ownership as per the government privatization program with the government and future owners jointly liable for any loan agreements.

Kaliti Metal Products Factory was first established in the 1960’s by an Italian investor. It was nationalized by the Dergue in 1975 and became a public development enterprise in 1991.

The factory manufactures metal products such as pre-coated and galvanized EGA sheets for wall cladding and roofing, windows and doors, construction form works, garbage tankers and furniture and structural hollow sections.

Source: Capital

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