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APIMOSO in Talks with Ethiopia to Supply Mobile Water Treatment Machines


APIMOSO, a Czech water treatment company, revealed that it was in discussions with the Ethiopian Ministry of Health and water and sewerage authorities regarding the supply of mobile water treatment machines and water purification equipment.

The company's expertise lies in manufacturing and delivering mobile water treatment machines that have the potential to enhance Ethiopia's water distribution capacity for its citizens. To explore business opportunities in Eastern and East-central Africa, APIMOSO has partnered with WOS International Business Group P.L.C., a local firm. WOS is facilitating the discussions between the Czech company and relevant Ethiopian government stakeholders.

Aniley Tade, a Senior Sanitary Engineer at the Ministry of Health, highlighted the challenges posed by fluorite water in Ethiopia's drinking water development projects, particularly in regions like the Rift Valley. Recognizing the serious health concerns associated with waterborne diseases, the Ministry seeks technological preventive measures, and the Czech company has expressed its interest in collaborating.

APIMOSO's General Manager, Antonin Sestak, mentioned on his part that the hydrological map of Ethiopia is not unfamiliar to their company. They have leveraged the historical partnership between the two countries in geological works and possess knowledge about the quality of Ethiopian water.

Source: The Ethiopian Herald