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Ethiopia: Eight Companies Lease 35.58 Hectares of Developed Land in Bure Integrated Agro Industrial Park

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Amhara Industry Parks Development Corporation leased 35.58 hectares of developed land to eight companies in Bure Integrated Agro Processing Industrial Park (IAIP). The companies have a collective capital of Birr 5.4 billion and are expected to employ 1,989 citizens.

Ethiopia currently has four IAIPs across the country which are supported by the development of associated Rural Transformation Center (RTCs) across their catchment areas for the aggregation and primary processing of agricultural products. According to Ethiopia IAIP, four Regional Industrial Parks Development Corporations which answer to regional boards look after the development of the agro-processing parks and RTCs in their respective regions.

Bure IAIP is situated in Amhara Regional State. Its construction cost Birr 8 billion and is supported with 7 Rural Transformation Centers (RTCs) located within a 100 km radius of the park at Merawi, Finote Selam, Dangila, Enjibara, Chagni, Amanuel, and Motta. All the RTCs serve as raw material suppliers to the IAIP.

Source: Fana BC and Ethiopia IAIP

Image source: Ethiopia IAIP