BGI Ethiopia Launches New Draught Beer

BGI Ethiopia launched a new draught beer, under the newly introduced Amber brand, said Esayas Hadera, Marketing Manager of BGI. The new draught beer was officially announced this week although the company had been promoting in selected areas in the past few weeks.

The brewer is currently producing the new draught beer at its plant in Addis Ababa although the other BGI plants located in Hawassa and Kombolcha are expected to begin production soon said Esayas.

BGI has installed more than 200 new draught beer dispensers, each costing an estimated 100 thousand birr, for the new beer in Addis and other regional towns according to Surafel Alene, Sales Director of BGI. It is expected that an additional 200 machines will be installed to increase the market for the new product he noted.

BGI is producing 10 thousand hectoliters of new draught beer every month and expects to increase its production to 30 thousand hectoliters a month anticipating that Amber draught beer will receive the same kind of wide spread acceptance that Amber beer has received since been introduced last September said Surafel.

It is to be remembered that BGI introduced Castel Draught Beer, intended for international markets around the same time last year. BGI currently controls more than 50 percent of the beer market in Ethiopia with its most prominent brand St. George draught and bottled beer the most popular beer in the country.

Source: Capital

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