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Ethiopia to Inaugurate First Industrial Zone

Ethiopia expects to inaugurate the first industrial zone under management by the Industry Zone and Environmental Protection Agency in the coming September.

The Bole Lemi Industry Zone located on 156 hectares is planned to be completed in time for the Ethiopian New Year and will be opened to domestic and international developers said Melaku Taye, Head of Public Relations with the Ministry of Industry.

The MoI has also received more land from the Addis Ababa City Government and from regional states to develop and manage other industrial zones he said.

The ministry has received 243 hectares in Akaki Kality sub city from the Addis Ababa City Administration and 1051 hectares from the Dire Dawa City Administration explained Melaku.

Other plots of land have also been acquired in Kombolcha (Amhara Regional State), Mekele (Tigray Regional State), and Hawassa (Southern State) he added.

These and other zones will be developed by the government equipped with full facilities including financial institutions and government offices said Melaku.   

The zones will prioritize industries that have production chains or that will strategically benefit the growth of the sector including in the government priority sub sectors such as textile manufacturing, leather processing, metal works, agro processing and pharmaceutical manufacturing he added. Investors will only need to set up machinery in building and facilities developed and owned by the government.  

It is hoped that the new scheme will encourage domestic investors to be involved in the manufacturing sector by removing challenges that may have inhibited their ability to succeed in the past said Melaku.

Source: Capital