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Ethiopia: Ethio Telecom Unveils Ambitious Growth Plan

Ethio Telecom Plans to Increase

Ethio Telecom has revealed its three-year growth plan, which includes the annual business plan for the 2023/24 fiscal year. It plans to offer local and international products and services to the market, expand telebirr's access, service types, and partner network, enhance service delivery, and increase customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty.

The company also aims to increase the company's subscriber base by 7.8%, reaching a total of 78 million. Additionally, the company plans to increase its mobile voice customer share by 7.5%, reaching 74.74 million, while expanding its data and internet customer base to 41.17 million, a growth of 21%. The company also aims to increase its fixed broadband customers to 842.8 thousand, a growth of 36.3% and raise tele density to 71%.
To achieve these goals, Ethio-Telecom plans to generate Birr 90.5 billion, a 19.4% increase from the previous year's budget. The company will do this by creating new business streams and shifting its revenue source from traditional to value-added services.

Source (including image): Fana BC