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Ethiopia: Viditure Technology Solutions PLC to Launch the First E-Signature Application

Weleta ViditureViditure Technology Solution PLC announced that it was set to launch its all-new digital/E-signature application, Weleta. Weleta, which will be the first digital signature technology in Ethiopia, is expected to replace wet signatures with electronic ones.

The application is available for organizations and individuals. It provides companies with various package options including preparing and sending documents for signature, managing documents’ history and, signing documents from anywhere. “Weleta e-signature platform is a key pillar to transform how we do business in Ethiopia and make our business and life more efficient and productive” said Kebron Dejene, Founder and CEO of Viditure Technology Solutions PLC. “We are hopeful that this app will bring convenience and improved efficiency to businesses and individuals across Ethiopia and beyond and spark huge interest in the market” he added.

Viditure Technology Solutions PLC, the company behind Weleta, has years of experience developing patented technologies across major marks. Its previous works include Digital INVEA, which issues passports and yellow cards for Ethiopian diaspora. Additionally, Digital MOFA, which aids in document authentication documents and is the first digital consular power of attorney services in the world accepted by DARA from various countries, is one of its developments.

Source: A press release sent to 2Merkato from 251 Communications on July 5, 2023