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Ethiopia: Telebirr Transforms into Telebirr SuperApp

Telebirr SuperApp

Ethio Telecom’s Telebirr developed into Telebirr superApp which enables its customers to get access to various services including e-commerce, biometric authentication, food delivery, entertainment, utility bill payments, and transportation.

The new superApp is also expected to solve challenges users of the previous app faced such as challenges related to performance, security system, login and registration time, and phone memory consumption.

Telebirr was launched in May 2021. It has 30 million users and is integrated with 19 commercial banks. Among other services rendered by the app, users are allowed to transfer money locally and make purchases online and at convenient stores.

Telebirr also offers micro credit, overdraft, and micro saving services. The micro credit service which is named Telebirr mela allows individuals, agents, and merchants to borrow and withdraw money for any transaction while the overdraft service under the name Telebirr Endekisse allows individuals to borrow money when they are short of balance in their Telebirr account. The micro saving service, Telebir Sanduq, is a saving service which is available with interest free and interest rate based micro saving services. So far, 1.4 million users have borrowed a total of Birr 2.1 billion using the app.

Source: Ethio Telecom

Image source: Fana BC