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UK-based Banking Solutions Providers Launches Products Here

Colvir Software Solution, a U.K.-based company that provides postal software and core banking solutions, launched its products in Ethiopia last week.

Representatives of Colvir said that the company entered the Ethiopian market following the steady growth of banks and other financial institutions in the country.

Colvir Software Solution will be offering its products and services through Yesakor Technologies, its local partner.

The company is planning to build a regional hub for the east African market in Ethiopia.
The representatives of the company said that Colvir would be engaged in providing end-to-end solutions and capacity building works among others.

Asked how the company's products and services would function considering the recurrent internet downtime which sometimes lingers for days, the representatives said that the products would support remote branches operating in both online and offline modes with full support of centralized processing of all branches regardless of their operating regime.

In the event of a break in communications in the course of online operations, the products will automatically switch to the offline mode while the system goes back online and performs synchronization when the communication is restored, the representatives said.

Currently, quite a few banking solution providers represented by their local partners, are operating in the country.

Source: The Reporter