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Nokia to Invest in Ethiopia

Plans to set up manufacturing plant here in the long run

Nokia, one of the largest phone makers, is planning to invest in Ethiopia within the coming six to twelve months, Brad Brockhaug, head of sales for Nokia in Africa, said.

Brockhaug declined to reveal how much money Nokia might invest in Ethiopia.He said that the company was considering opening a manufacturing plant in Ethiopia in the long run.

Nokia's short term investment focus is working with local offices, agencies and distributors. The company is also preparing to connect the Ethiopian market directly with Finland where the company's headquarters is. "This is what we intend to do for now," Brockhaug said.

Brockhaug was here this week to find out how to carry out the investment in collaboration with partners and distributors to facilitate bringing Nokia devices directly from Finland instead of from other countries around the world. He said that the purpose of his visit was also to speak with the Ethio Telecom about providing better service for the consumer.

Prior to the transfer of management to the Ethio Telecom, Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation's mobile operation had selected Nokia to supply and deploy GSM network equipment, including the Nokia Connect GSM solution for optimized network coverage in a deal valued at 48 million dollars.

Source: NewsDire