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Company Launches Flight Schedules, Other Info via Cell Phones

Yetim ePayment Service PLC, a newly formed local company, Friday launched a service that provides instant information including schedules of Ethiopian Airlines's departure and arrival, foreign exchange rates, prices of coffee, gold and related items as well as cinema schedules via cell phone to potential customers.

The company had earlier on signed pertinent agreements with Ethiopian Airlines, Ethio Telecom and stakeholders, according to Ibrahim Dawd, general manager of the company.

When customers want to access the information on price of gold or flight schedules, they have to first enter the number assigned for the particular information sought by text messaging 8787.

The number designated for international flight departures is 100 (Ethiopian Airlines), while for international flight arrivals is 101 (Ethiopian Airlines). For information on local flight departure, customers can text message the number 200 (Ethiopian Airlines) and 211 for local flight arrivals (Ethiopian Airlines). Information on daily foreign exchange rate can be accessed by texting 311, prices of coffee and gold as well as related items, and cinema schedules by texting 111.

Currently the company's server provides only these information services to customers. But in the future, the general manager said that the company would start providing mobile banking and other related serves.

Source: The Reporter