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Ethiopia to Improve Access and Quality of ICT

The Ethiopian government announced plans to improve access and quality of Information and Communication Technology in the country.

The announcement was made in Addis Ababa on the 11th of December by Dr. Debretsion Gebremichael, Deputy Prime Minister at the 2nd annual conference of Ethiopian ICT Entrepreneurship held this week.

The government is working hard to expand the ICT infrastructure in the country he explained in his speech.

The number of mobile phone users in Ethiopia has reached over 18 million, and expansion works have been launched to increase these numbers it was said at the conference. There are plans to further increase this number to 45 million in the coming two years.

The government also said that it is working hard to improve the access and its quality of internet connections with wireless coverage of the country currently estimated 73 percent it was said at the annual conference.

In related news the management of Ethio Telecom will be handed over to Ethiopian staff once again as of December 13th. It is to be remembered France Telecom, the French telecom giant, had been managing the company on a contract bases since 2010.

France Telecom was given a two year contract to manage the state owned Ethio Tlecom with the intention of boosting telecom operations in the country, according to Dr Debretsion Gebre Michael, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Information and Communication.

This contact will expire end of this month. The contract will not be extended further and Ethio Telecom is not negotiating with any other foreign based telecom for further management contract said Dr Debretsion.

Source: Walta Info