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IBM to Expand in Ethiopia

IBM is launching plans to increase its market share in Ethiopia with increasing demand for its products. The increased demand from local partners has been quite significant according to an IBM recruitment event held at the Addis Ababa Hilton Hotel this week.  The event was attended by representatives from various governmental and private institutions.

Ethiopia is one of the fastest growing economies in the world with ever increasing opportunities said Gordon Lehman, Market Development Advisor for IBM.

IBM is seeking to invest in Ethiopia for these reasons and the stable macro-economy, investment protection, stable government, transparent legal framework and streamlined procedures according to Lehman.

The large scale infrastructural investments that the nation is undertaking including in the roads network, telecom, water, schools, health stations and financial institutions are also factors to encourage investment he noted.

IBM is not too late to engage in infrastructure solutions in spite of opinion to this effect  said Hanli Wood, representing IBM partner CEWA. There remain several investment opportunities that require technology she added.

A major challenge for IBM in Ethiopia will be that it’s prices are steeper than what is offered by Chinese  and Indian firms currently active in installing infrastructure in Ethiopia. Wood however argues that the quality offered by IBM will more than compensate for the difference in prices.

Source: Capital