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Ethiopia to Host African Digital Summit

Ethiopia is to host the 11th African Digital Summit in the coming March under the theme of ‘Broadband Strategies and Agendas: Acceleration and Alignment’ according to the Ministry of Information and Communication.

The summit is expected to focus on the need to create a sustainable African Telecom and ICT eco system to support growth and development according to Minister of State Peter Gat Cot speaking at the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding with co-organizers Extensia limited.

It is hoped that summit will enhance integrity in business and technology amongst nations and private stakeholders said Peter.
More than 350 participants representing large ICT companies, government representatives, international solution providers, regulators and major end users are expected to attend the summit he said.

The summit will concentrate in national broadband agendas said Adrian Hall Director of Sales and Marketing with Extensia.  The representatives of large ICT companies and policy makers expected to attend the summit will be beneficial to Ethiopia in terms of attracting international investment in the sector and beyond he said.

The summit will also offer the additional opportunity of offering a platform for experience sharing with international actors in the sector added Hall.

The summit will point a way forward to accelerating broadband agendas to support other national agendas without ignoring the country’s objectives in the sector he said.

Source: Ethiopian Herald  

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