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Tigray Resources Discovers Additional Copper Resources in Ethiopia

Tigray Resources encountered an additional copper-polymetallic mineralization close to the site of its successful drilling last year at its Terakimti prospect in Ethiopia.

Tigray highlighted as much as 74 meters of 3.77% copper, 14 g/t silver, 1.31g/t gold, and 0.72% percent at about 57 meters down at the Terakimti site last December.

The latest results from Tigray reveal that it has intersected with 41 meters of 3.24% copper, 25 g/t silver, 1.19 g/t gold and 1.19% zinc at 41 meters away from its previous intercept.

The new results confirm “continued robust development in the thickness and grade of primary and sugergene mineralization in the southern gossan area” according to the company.

The currently revealed drilling results are part of the first phase drilling project implemented by Tigray to study mineralization at Terakimti to about 250 meters below the surface.

The deepest mineralization at Terakimti, to date, was discovered in January with an intercept showing 15 meters of 2.6 % copper, 43 g/t silver, 2.5 g/t gold and 6.8% zinc.

The Terakimti prospect is part of a 70-percent owned Harvest project in Ethiopia.

Source: Mineweb