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Ethiopia: National Electrification Reaches 52 Percent, Ministry

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Ministry of Water and Energy announced that the electricity user rate has climbed to 52 percent. According to the Ministry, the National Electrification Programme has yielded demonstrably positive results since its inception.

The government crafted a ten-year development plan that prioritizes bolstering electricity generation capacity. This plan envisions a significant increase, from the current 4,478 megawatts to 19,900 megawatts, alongside an impressive expansion in the consumer base, from 5.8 million to a projected 24.3 million.

To materialize this ambitious vision, a series of strategic projects and initiatives have been implemented, most notably the National Electrification Programme launched in 2017. This program aims to achieve a national electricity access rate of 65 percent by 2030. The plan leverages a two-pronged approach, utilizing the national power grid for the majority of the population and strategically deploying off-grid solutions in remote areas.

The program's initial phase, bolstered by financial support from the World Bank, surpassed expectations by electrifying an additional 1.5 million households. However, continued financial backing remains paramount for the program's complete execution, with an estimated total cost of USD 6 billion.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency