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Ethiopia: EEP Aims to Generate Birr 30 Billion in 2023/2024 Fiscal Year


Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) has set an ambitious target to generate Birr 30 billion in revenue from electricity exports, domestic energy sales, and related services during the current fiscal year.

To achieve this goal, EEP plans to export over 2,993 gigawatts of electricity to Sudan, Kenya, and Djibouti. This substantial export volume is expected to generate a revenue of USD 182 million or Birr 10 billion.
In addition to exports, EEP aims to earn Birr 20 billion from various sources, including domestic electricity sales to industries, railway power sales, and other services.

In the previous fiscal year, EEP achieved a total revenue of Birr 22.3 billion from exports, domestic sales, and services, with foreign exports accounting for Birr 5.5 billion.

To further boost its export income, EEP is engaged in negotiating new agreements to expand its foreign exchange earnings through electricity exports to other countries. If these agreements are successfully finalized within the stipulated time, Tanzania will also become a recipient of Ethiopian electricity exports during this fiscal year.

Source: The Ethiopian Herald