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Ethiopian Electric Utility Addresses Power Outages

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Ethiopian Electric Utility is working to resolve power outages nationwide. It has allocated a budget of Birr 26 billion to address the problem.

EEU indicated that it was carrying out reconstruction works in several towns including Adama, Bahir Dawa, Harar, Shaheshemene, Wolayta, Gondar, Debre Markos, and Kombolcha. EEU will also engage in rebuilding activities in more than 10 towns across the country.

In Addis Ababa alone, EEU is implementing maintenance works on power line feeders with a budget of Birr 10 billion. According to Shiferaw Telila, CEO of EEU, his office is replacing the old wooden utility poles with new concrete ones. High capacity conductors are also being installed across the city.

EEU is a Government-owned company which is in charge of the distribution of electricity throughout Ethiopia and the construction and maintenance of electric lines, energy management, the purchase of wholesale electricity, sales to customers, and development of tariff proposals. It currently has 4.5 million customers and is working to increase this number to 7.5 million by 2030. EEU is also working to expand its supply coverage and provide electric supply across the entire country by 2030. In order to achieve this plan, EEU aims to modernize its infrastructure, provide customer-oriented services, and build a reliable financial capacity.

Source: Fana BC and 2Merkato Archives