Tullow Oil Drilling in Ethiopia

Tullow Oil has begun drilling work on its concession in South Omo, Ethiopia. The British oil exploration is drilling its first well following eighteen month long seismic tests an area over 18 thousand kilometers square. The company began drilling last week on the bloc named after a local bird ‘Sabisa’.

The explorer has hired a drilling company, and all the drilling machines and other required machines have arrived at the drilling location according to sources.

It is to be remembered that the Ethiopian Ministry of Mines announced that it was in the process of facilitating visas for a Tullow drilling crew that will oversee the launch of drilling processes in October. A Full Tensor Gradiamametric Gravity Survey use to establish the geographical characteristics of the concession area was conducted by the Chinese company BGP Geo Service plc.

The process leading up to drilling is very complicated and with a range of components making it difficult to predict the outcome although Tullow officials have already informed the Ethiopian government of the presence of considerable oil reserves in the area according to a geological expert with the ministry. 

Source: Fortune

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