AAWSA to Begin Expansion Project of Sewerage Treatment Plant

The Addis Abeba Water & Sewerage Authority is to commence the expansion project of the Kalti Sewerage Treatment Plant, with US$100 million. The expansion project is jointly financed by the World Bank and the Ethiopian.

The expansion project will increase the treatment plant's capacity to 100,000 metre cube a day from the current 7,500.

The authority is evaluating the tender floated two weeks ago, to select the contractor fr the expansion project, according to Jemal Nuredin, technical expert at the sewerage department of the Authority.

The design of the  sewerage treatment plant expansion project was carried out by a Canadian company.

The construction of the project includes construction of 30km long drainage lines and 320km of tributary lines to collect sewerage from different parts of the city.

The expansion project which is scheduled to to be completed within two years is expected to significantly increase the sewerage disposal capacity of Addis Abeba city.

Source: Fortune