65 Percent of Gibe III Power Plant Complete

An estimated 65 percent of the construction work on the Gibe III hydroelectric power plant has been completed according to Azeb Asnake, Project Manager.

The project is progressing as per schedule with the construction of the tunnel, two dams and a bridge across the Omo River already undertaken said Azeb.

The 32 billion birr project is one of the biggest hydroelectric projects in the world with the expected capacity to generate 1,870 Mega Watts of power she said. The project is intended to help develop a national green economy added Azeb.

In related news Ethiopia is on track to complete mega dam projects towards enhancing its role on the East African Power market according to Alemayhu Tegenu, State Minister.

The primary dam, the 4.1 billion US dollar Grand Renaissance Dam is on track for completion by the 2015 deadline he said.

Two other smaller dams are also expected to launch operations at the same time to generate a combined 8 thousand Mega Watts at full capacity explained Alemayhu.

Thirteen percent of the construction of the Grand Renaissance Dam is already completed according to the Energy Minister.
The Minister’s response addresses concerns raised by some experts who suggest that the country may find it challenging to finance the Grand Renaissnace Dam.

More than 277.1 million US dollars have been raised for the construction of the dam to date from internal sources said Alemahyu speaking at the energy conference being held in Addis Ababa.

Source: Walta Info