Ultimate Plan Wins Design for Ethiopian Church Conference Hall

Ultimate Plan Private Limited Company and UK firm Aedas won the bid for an architectural design re-tender for the mega conference hall for the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.

The conference hall, with an expected capacity of 13,000 seats, will be constructed at the Ethiopian Orthodox Church Patriarch’s palace in Arada district. The hall is planned to be powered by solar energy and will host outside facilities such as access roads, footpaths and landscaping.

The design of the building is inspired by traditional Ethiopian architecture said Begziabher Alebel, Managing Director of Ultimate Plan.

It is expected that the construction of the basic structure of the building will be 206 million birr.  

The cost takes into account building and construction cost, finishing construction, technical equipment for building services as well as the outside facilities.

It does not however take into consideration additional costs for photovoltaic technology, interior work, basic services and utilities, furnishings and other services such as architectural and engineering services for the design and site supervision phase.

The Ethiopian Orthodox Church was unavailable for comment on the issue.

 Source: Capital