New Law to Regulate Advertisements

The Ethiopian House of People’s Representatives approved a new law to regulate the advertisement sector.

The new law puts into effect a strict content to commercial ratio for both print an electronic media stating that advertisements will not exceed more than 60% of the entire content of a single edition unless the publication is established with the sole aim of disseminating advertisement.

The law also limits engagement in the sector to Ethiopian nationals and foreign nations of Ethiopian descent.

In the broadcast media the new law prohibits the commercial sponsorship of news, current affair and Children’s programs as well as all aired deliberations of the Parliament. Sports, metrology and business news can be commercially sponsored if they are aired separately from other news according to the regulations.

Advertisement is also limited to 20% of daily programming or of a particular transmission period, while the sponsor cannot in any way influence the content and timetable of the program as per the new law.

The new law allows the advertisement of alcoholic beverages with an alcoholic content of below 12% through all forms of media. Advertisements for beverages of more than 12% alcoholic content however are limited to outdoor billboards and non daily or weekly publications.

The law further limits outdoor advertisements for liquor to a 100 meter radius from a school or child care center, theatrical hall or cinema, historical institution, medical institution and stadiums.

Source: Capital

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