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Ethiopian Architects Awarded for Bank Designs

Awash International Bank, Ethiopia awarded three architectural firms for branch office building designs. The three firms presented architectural designs for AIB branches in Hawassa and Addis Ababa.

The design for the 6 storey Hawassa branch presented by MH Engineering was commended for flexible office arrangements by the jury which selected the winners.

Zeleke Belay’s design for the Awash Branch in Lideta, Addis Ababa offered easy street access while the Bulbula, Addis Ababa building design submitted by Studio Seven won for its simple composition, easy access, and good climate control potential according to the jury.

Both building in Addis Ababa are expected to have 10 floors.

The jury was made up of a seven members from the fields of architecture, and the construction sector. A total of 14 designs were presented to the jury and evaluation focused on several criteria including urban contact, site use, parking, raw materials, climatic control, entrance and exit including emergency exits.

Awash International Bank is engaged in a series of construction projects across the country. Amongst these projects are to be found branch offices in Adama, Agaro, Ginbi, Negele and Shashemene. The bank acquired a building in Harar and Jimma.
Awash bank is in the process of negotiations to acquire land from regional governments to begin the construction of other branch offices.

Source: Capital