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Ethiopian Fruit Nursery Blends High Yield Avocado Species

The Butajira Fruit Nursery and Training Center, Ethiopia blended imported species with local ones producing short trees that are ready for harvest within three years. Avocado species and technology were imported from Israel through financing from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

The blended species is resistant to disease, bears fruit annually for an estimated fort years and bears fruit that is uniform and softer than local types said Amerga Menji Manager of the Nursery.

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Ethiopia Celebrates Global Entrepreneurship Week

Ethiopia celebrates the Global Entrepreneurship Week from the 14th to the 20th of November. The event will afford young entrepreneurs an opportunity to develop creativity and form networks according to Michael Fekade Chief Executive Officer of Empact Capital Partners, LLC hosting the event.

Young people with post secondary levels of education are encouraged to take on business initiatives said Michael.

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BAL Promotes Pan African Exchange at International Commodities Meeting Held in Ethiopia

Boursa Africa Limited, promoted a Pan-African Exchange at the International Convening on Commodity Exchanges held in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. The Botswana based company aims to launch a Pan African Exchange in May 2012.

The African exchange planned by BAL is expected to be a multi-asset class and commodity exchange, dealing in commodities, bonds, currency and diamonds. This exchange also aims to create a center where continental and international bilateral and multilateral trade could be conducted. 

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Ethiopian Directive Changing Unit of Measurement for Flower Exports Being Tested

The Ethiopian Horticulture Development Agency is testing the draft directive, changing the unit of measurement of exported flowers to weight from stem count, on selected exporters. The testing will be conducted for two weeks as of the 11th of November before the draft directive is passed.

The test aims to identify problem areas in implementing the new directive, explains a letter sent to the seven exporter selected for testing from Desalegn Assefa Director of the Marketing, Research, Study, & Quality Follow-up Directorate.

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Ethiopian Trade Ministers Replaced

Ethiopian Trade Minister Abdurahman Sheikh Mohammed and Minister of State for Trade Ahmed Tussa were removed from their posts last week. The two ministers have been replaced just over a year after their appointment.

The ministers were relieved of their duties primarily due to increasing public discontent following the introduction and subsequent elimination of price caps early this year according to sources. The slow pace of the ministry in effecting the Growth and Transformation Plan was also cited as another reason for their replacement. Add a comment Add a comment

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