Airbus Team to Come to Ethiopia

A delegation of senior executives from Airbus is expected to visit Ethiopia next week. The team from the European consortium will be lead by Francois Cognard, Vice President for Sales, Middle East and North Africa.

The Airbus team will hold a press conference presenting the company’s latest Global Market Outlook for the East African airline industry and providing an update on its aircraft programs, including the A350XWB.

The Airbus marketing team is promoting the long-range A330 aircraft to Ethiopian Airlines which has already placed an order for 12 Airbus A350XWB aircraft.

In a recent proposal to the management of Ethiopian, Airbus executives advanced the A330 as an ideal option to facilitate the airlines’ significant growth.

The marketing team led by Cognard has visited Addis Ababa on different occasion to present the Ethiopian management with a range of attractive offers according to sources.

Executives from Ethiopian are expected to meet with the delegation from airbus for a briefing on the development of the A350XWB aircraft expected to come of the assembly line in the near future.

The delegation is also expected to make a presentation promoting the A330 aircraft at this time.
In related news Ethiopian Airlines made a firm order for five Q400 NextGen Bombardier aircraft confirmed Bombardier Aerospace.

Three of the five airplanes are to be operated by Ethiopian Airlines affiliate ASKY, the Togolese airlines, while the other two will remain with Ethiopian.

According to the list price of the Q400 bombardier aircraft the purchase is estimated at a total of 160 million US dollars.

Source: The Reporter


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