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Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce to Expand at Tenth General Assembly

ECC 10

The Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations (ECC) is gearing up for its 10th General Assembly on July 18th, 2024. ECC announced key agenda items for the conference.

A major highlight will be the endorsement of Chambers of Commerce from four newly formed regions. The division of the Southern Nations region created independent Trade and Sectoral Association Councils in Sidama, South West, Central, and South Ethiopia regions. Their membership applications will be the first item addressed at the General Assembly. This expansion will increase the ECC's membership from 18 to 21, strengthening its national reach. The conference will also see the election of a new president and vice president for the ECC. Three candidates are vying for the presidency and five for the vice presidency.

The 10th General Assembly was postponed for four years due to various reasons, including delays in member councils meeting participation requirements and holding their own general assemblies. The northern conflict and the restructuring of the Ministry of Trade and Regional Integration (MoTRI) also contributed.

The Council emphasized the importance of member councils fulfilling specific criteria to participate, including submitting an audit report, holding their own general assembly, paying dues, providing member information, and obtaining certification.

While some members might not meet all criteria, MoTRI has allowed their participation, with the understanding that the newly elected board will review any outstanding requirements.

Source (including image): Addis Zemen