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Ethiopia's Livestock Industry Produces 2.2 Million Doses of AI


Livestock Development Institute of Ethiopia saved Birr 1.5 billion in import costs over the past 11 months by producing artificial insemination (AI) locally.

This year, the Institute achieved its target of producing 2.2 million doses of AI product. The Institute's focus extends beyond AI. It identifies and registers high-yield dairy cows to enhance milk production. Livestock product exports have also generated USD 86 million in the past 11 months, achieving 70% of the targeted goal. In addition, the Institute is committed to heifer reproduction, distributing over 220 heifers to local farmers. Combining traditional and modern techniques, it is working on developing new breeds of sheep and goats.

Established to improve productivity, quality, and competitiveness within the livestock sector, the Institute plays a critical role in livestock development. Its branches in Holeta and Bishoftu provide various services, including breeding services via AI, livestock feed processing, investor consultancy, and technical support in insemination, fodder production, and livestock product development.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency