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Ethiopia to Introduce Medical Institution Accreditation


The Ethiopian Accreditation Service announced plans to begin accrediting the general services of medical institutions. This move aims to build quality infrastructure and increase trust in Ethiopian products and services.

Ethiopian Accreditation Service Director Bonsa Bayisa stated preparations are underway to recognize health institutions, aiming to improve service quality. Accreditation standards, guidelines, and incentives are nearing completion, with plans to begin accrediting specific hospitals soon.

Bonsa also noted that over 80 institutions are already accredited, including those involved in product testing, conformity assessment, and laboratory services. Their membership in international organizations allows accredited institutions to market their services globally.

During the World Accreditation Day celebration, accreditation was granted to various institutions meeting the requirements in their fields. This recognition was lauded for enhancing service quality and international acceptance of Ethiopian products and services.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency