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Ethiopia: Addis Ababa City Revenue Bureau Surpasses Expectations in Tax Collection

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Addis Ababa City Revenues Bureau (AACRB) announced a successful performance in tax collection, exceeding expectations for the past nine months.

While the original target was set at Birr 109 billion, the AACRB achieved a 98% collection rate, amassing Birr 108 billion within the designated timeframe.

The integration of new technologies among staff is said to have facilitated the regular utilization of tax technology, significantly bolstering revenue streams and streamlining income-generating activities. Among others, the previous challenges faced in collecting taxes from level "C" taxpayers, such as long queues and delays, have been effectively addressed through this technological implementation, ensuring timely tax collection. In addition, joint initiatives undertaken with the Customs Commission, Addis Ababa Police Commission, and Demb Enforcement Authority aim to foster a transparent and equitable trade ecosystem within the city.

Source: Addis Zemen