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Ethiopia: Addis Chamber International Trade Fair Underway

Addis Chamber of Commerce

The Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations (Addis Chamber) announced the vital role of the Addis-Chamber International Trade Fair (ACITF) in revitalizing Ethiopia's economy through trade sector modernization. Kicking off its 26th edition on February 22, 2024, the fair which is being held at the Addis Ababa Exhibition Center is showcasing local and international products to eager consumers.

Ato Meketa Adafrie representing the Addis Ababa Trade Bureau, emphasized the fair's aim to invigorate the trade sector by showcasing products from Ethiopian manufacturers and foreign companies. He commended the longstanding collaboration between Addis Chamber and Addis Ababa Trade Bureau in fostering manufacturer encouragement.

Mesenbet Shenkute, President of Addis Chamber, on her part, highlighted the significance of ACITF in establishing market linkages for manufacturing industries. This year's edition featured a diverse range of products and services from 60 local trade associations and six international companies.

While acknowledging the reduced participation this year due to challenges faced by manufacturers and traders in finding suitable exhibition spaces, Addis Chamber's President assured efforts to address these concerns and restore the fair's vibrancy in the coming year.

Source: Addis Zemen