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Ethiopia: A Minimum Wage Anticipated for Flower Farms and Industries

Minimum Wage Minimum

The Ethiopian Employers’ Confederation announced the formation of a board to establish a minimum wage for workers in flower farms and industries.

The Confederation President, Getahun Hussein, stated that while the government was considering implementing a minimum wage, it wouldn't affect current employees who receive regular increases through collective bargaining. The Ministry of Labor and Skills, along with other relevant bodies, is initiating this process.

Getahun emphasized that establishing a minimum wage floor is a complex task requiring consideration of various factors, including climatic conditions. He stressed the need for thorough research to ensure fair compensation for employees, suggesting that the wage should reflect the industry's environment. As part of the employers’ confederation, they are advocating for its prompt implementation.

Addressing misconceptions about Ethiopia's labor market, Getahun highlighted the need for an investor-oriented minimum wage to dispel notions of cheap labor. He reiterated the government's commitment to providing a competitive labor force and ensuring fair compensation for citizens' knowledge and labor, discouraging exploitation in the workplace.

Source: The Ethiopian Herald