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Ethiopia: Authority Drafts a Proclamation to Boost the Spice Industry

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Ethiopia's Coffee and Tea Authority is pioneering an initiative to elevate the spice industry by drafting a proclamation aimed at boosting its growth. Recognizing the sector's potential for generating significant foreign currency and fostering socioeconomic development, the government is stepping in to monitor and support spice development and marketing.

Despite Ethiopia's favorable agro ecological conditions for spice production, challenges such as lack of expertise, quality control issues, and inadequate regulation have impeded progress. Efforts are underway to diversify spice exports and improve their quality, with stakeholders expressing strong demand in international markets. The government aims to surpass previous revenue peaks by providing support and attention to the sector, projecting over USD 100 million in revenue.

To address governance challenges within the spice supply chain, the government is drafting a comprehensive legislation, the "Spices Quality and Marketing Proclamation," to regulate various aspects including marketing, quality control, logistics, and exports. Stakeholders are actively contributing to ensure the proclamation aligns with market needs.

Additionally, according to ECTA, a directive implemented in March 2023 has made significant progress in addressing issues such as adulteration and hoarding, while designating the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange as a secondary market platform for spice trade. Provisions for technical certification, value addition, processing industries, and quality certification aim to further enhance the industry and establish Ethiopia as a reliable supplier of premium spices globally.

Source: Capital Ethiopia