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Ethiopia: Enkopa Summit Launches in Addis

Bernard Laurendau - LA

Enkopa Summit, a two-day event centered on entrepreneurship and innovation, commenced today in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Its primary objective is to redefine Ethiopia's economic growth by fostering engaging panel discussions, visionary keynotes, demonstrations of enterprise best practices, and exclusive investor dialogues.

The summit serves as a convergence point for local and regional decision-makers, experts, innovators, investors, and corporate leaders, facilitating purpose-driven conversations that will shape Ethiopia's economic transformation.

In addition to the knowledge-sharing sessions, the event provides valuable networking opportunities for attendees to connect and collaborate, playing a catalytic role in the creation and acceleration of ventures that will reshape Ethiopia's trajectory and contribute to the overall growth of the African continent.

Source (including image): A press release sent from 251 Communications to 2Merkato on October 12, 2023