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Ethiopost and La Poste Tunisienne Agree to Work Together

Ethiopost La Poste Tunisienne

Ethiopost sent a delegation to Tunisia to visit La Poste Tunisienne, Tunisia’s national postal company, and other key players in the country's financial sector with a view to expanding its reach.

The visit culminated in the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the two parties, which was celebrated at a ceremony held on the occasion of the African Union's 60th anniversary. Ethiopost’s CEO Hanna Arayaselassie expressed her gratitude for the warm welcome, while La Poste Tunisienne's President Director General, Sami Mekki, emphasized the organization’s commitment to fostering stronger South-South cooperation.

Both La Poste Tunisienne and Ethiopost are among the longest-serving national postal operators on the African continent, having been established in 1847 and 1894, respectively.

Ethiopost, which has more than 700 branches nationwide, commenced reforming its business after Hana Arayaselassie was appointed as its CEO. The major reforms of the company include improving its financial system, raising revenue by revising and renewing its basic postal services which include revising the postal tariff, restructuring its debts, and recovering its customer service and corporate image.

Source: Fana BC and 2Merkato Archives

Image source: Fana BC