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Ethiopia Plans to Earn USD 7 Billion from Animal Products in Ten Years

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Ethiopia is planning to get USD 7 billion from animal products in the coming decade. According to the Ethiopian Livestock Development Institute (ELDI), the country earned USD 1 billion from the export of animal products during the past ten years despite having rich animal resources.

ELDI stated that there was a national target to export 2 million tons of processed animal products in the next ten years.

Ethiopia ranks sixth in the world in livestock resources. Studies show that it has the potential to export 200 thousand tons of meat per year. In November 2022, the Ministry of Agriculture launched a National Red Meat Strategy which was formulated to increase red meat production and export, enhance the red meat markets, and develop the productivity of feed industries.

The Ministry of Agriculture has also set a 4-year plan to enhance dairy and poultry production. Accordingly, the Ministry eyes the production of 10.3 billion liters of milk per year for the coming four years. Ethiopia was able to produce 5.8 billion liters of milk in 2021. To meet the target, the Government of Ethiopia aims at increasing veterinary services and the supply of inputs such as animal feed. It also plans to train smallholder farmers. On the other hand, the Ministry of Agriculture is working to increase annual chicken production to 240 thousand tons and annual egg production to 9.1. billion.

The Ministry’s targets are part of the Lemat Terufat, a nationwide poultry, dairy, and honey production development program which was launched by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in November last year. The program’s goals are increasing export earnings, ensuring food and nutrition security, and producing products that substitute import items.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency, Food Business Afirca, and Fana BC