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Ethiopia: Ethio Telecom Launches New Services

Ethio Telecom New New Services

Ethio Telecom launched various services today. The company’s new services include a music mobile application called Elf Music, a database service named Teledrive Mobile Database Service, and cloud solution services called Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS).

Elf music app allows customers of Ethio Telecom to purchase and listen to music without mobile data while Teledrive enables its users to store files such as pictures and videos. On the other hand, IaaS and SaaS are cloud solution services which the telecom company operates together with Zergaw Internet Service Provider.

Ethio Telecom signed partnership agreements with Zergaw Internet Service Provider, Kulu Network PLC, Elf Music Streaming Services, and Shedli Trading PLC for the provision of the new services.

Source (including image): Ethio Telecom