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Ethiopia to Export Bottled Water to the International Market

Sport Bottled Water Factory was inaugurated on Saturday last week in the presence of Minister of Industry Melaku Alebel. The factory was constructed by Belaya Industrial PLC at a cost of Birr 1.2 billion and is set to export bottled water for the first in the country’s bottled water production history.

The company will be exporting bottled water to Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern Countries. In addition to Sport Bottled Water, other two bottled water factories are also preparing to export their products to the international market.

The water bottling factory is situated on 24,000 square meters of land in Sululta and produces 48,000 liters of bottled water per day. It has also created permanent and temporary job opportunities for 420 employees.

According to the Ministry of Industry, there are 110 water bottling companies which are licensed and operational in Ethiopia. These companies produce 75 billion liters of bottled water annually.

Source: Addis Zemen